South-facing space

south facing room

When we moved into this house, I claimed the bedroom facing the south. With my three floor-to-ceiling windows, my room is usually the warmest and brightest–which is good because I’m part plant like my mother.

books on dresser

There is a lot of floor space in my room. I have two small closets on one wall with, what use to be, a desk inset between them. For my birthday, last year, I knocked it out. My father and PK (my grandfather–Poppa Ken) constructed a built-in dresser with deep drawers and shelving to replace the desk.

white table top

Then, there’s my window wall and a door across the way. I’m one of those people who shove all their furniture against the wall; so I thought it was problematic, only having two solid walls.

I loosened up and moved my table near the windows. Before, it faced the other direction with my back to the light. It was unbearable, but I intended the adjustment to be temporary. It never went back. As long as I have space to lay my work (and my body) out on the ground, I’m okay.

national geographic collage

My room isn’t as much of a bedroom to me as it is a studio. It’s my space, so I like to keep it tidy, but I need the freedom to pause what I’m working on and leave it as is.

When Finn was a kitten, I tucked away everything for sake keeping. I’d transfer things to high places and kitty-proof the room, but it stole my creative flow, so he’s had to learn to respect what isn’t his. Now, Finn carefully steps over my things, and I can’t recall any project he’s messed up.

Mirko Ilic’s ’08 exhibition

I’m looking to paint my walls white, and I’ve taken down a lot of paper cranes, festoons, and quirky Sharpie skeletons among other things. I’d like to have my entire chalkboard wall filled with my sketches like Mirko Ilic’s ’08 exhibition, so that my room reflects my work.

Here are some of my recent space cravings:
Succulents, please.
These windows I see everywhere in NYC photos.
Woodwork. I need to get into this, guys.

mirror outfits

(South = good light = good selfies)

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    Light + Succulents = My heart will go on. :)