Alternative Second

starbucks and cassettes

This week, “Alternative Second” – my art series on visual sound – is a solid concept. For three weeks, I’ve played with ideas in my head and sketched possible outcomes. Now, only execution remains.

I wanted to name the series “Absent Sound” in the beginning, but realized it isn’t the work’s intention to remove sound. Instead, it is replacing the perspective of sound with a literally visual one. Every aspect of this three-work series will introduce a different approach to visual sound. We are playing with alternatives of the second sense, sound.

fromwhereistand at Home Depot

Two days ago, I spent $26.04 at Home Depot on two clear acrylic sheets and two 1x4s. I coughed up three tens and only received a couple bucks and some change back. I thought I was going to cry.

Minimum wage is no longer my dilemma, though, because locating used 16mm film clear leader is nearly impossible. So, I’m looking into purchasing this bad boy. This totally goes back to minimum wage, doesn’t it?

The first portion I would like to execute is collaging smashed cassette tapes onto a clear acrylic sheet. Then, attaching the second sheet over it at each corner, leaving an inch or two of space.

The covering sheet will soften the sharp, plastic cassettes in the background and serve as a canvas. I will project a still from a video I’m creating onto the canvas and trace appropriately with cassette tape.

It’s been violent over here and I’ve jabbed myself with many-a-shards of plastic.


  1. Erin wrote:

    Couldn’t stop myself from making squeaking and squealing noises as I read this. In love with your concept and excited to see the outcome(s).

    • I think you’re one of my biggest inspirations simply because you have hope in art, in words. You’re uplifting and I’m blessed to have you as a friend, a reader, and an co-artist. Xx to you.